Currently two members (Shep (Hoot) Gibson and Chester Duve) are pending induction into the Holland Club in January. Our base will then have nine Holland Club Members. The current members are:

John Delaney

Earl Parsons

Ed Peters

Robert Peters

Clarence Price

Devere Pyatte

Ray Richard

We honor and respect their achievements.



Submitted by:
Ron Martini
Some may not know that there are 4 submarine magazines available. All
are quarterlies.

Two require membership in USSVI (American Submariner) or SVWWII

The third is the very nicely done quarterly by the Radio Control Group
of submarine enthusiasts. It is the SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT. To obtain it
send .00 to: Jim Butt, Membership Chair, POB 213, Shrewsbury, PA
17361-0213. Their website is

The fourth is UNDERSEA WARFARE magazine. It is available by
subscription to anyone at the rate of to: POB 371954, Pittsburgh,
PA 15250-7954.

The current issue of UNDERSEA WARFARE contains:

1. The OK City's arrival at new homeport of Guam

2. NR-1 past summer of missions including finding a Blimp (USS
AKRON) lost of New Jersey in 1933

3. VP Cheney's visit aboard the USS WYOMING (Trident boat)

4. "So You Want to be a COB?"

5. Asiatic subs between the wars

6. Above water imaging and Electronic warfare sensors

7. Article on the USS ALASKA's conversion

Also in UNDERSEA WARFARE there is a section of qualifications within
the submarine ranks of officers and change of command and for the
first time a list of new CPOs in the submarine ranks. You can gain a
flavor of the magazine through the website at: This has not yet
been updated to reflect the current issue.